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Positive Expression is Powerful Communication!

Why Do You Communicate?

We communicate with other people because we want to present information, receive information and build social bonds. Our relationships are the key to our existence so when we communicate, both the sender and the receiver should feel satisfied that their needs have been met. In addition, people may engage in lighthearted conversations or social chats with others without intending to have a serious conversation but rather to interact for fun or pleasure. Positive expression is powerful!

Conversation starters and communication tools you may like:

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Life Is Your Sport, Play It Well!

Par For The Course

Life is Your Sport

On a daily basis, many people encounter challenges. Regardless of your line of work, challenges of every size will exist. The number of challenges you face may depend on the type of work you do and the position you hold. It’s important to manage challenges wisely since some can open doors to new perspectives and opportunities while others can be incredibly overpowering and cause distress. Your life is your sport, play well!

Inspirational works you may appreciate:

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Today’s Challenge: Protecting Mental Health

Protecting Mental Health

Protecting Mental Health Portrait of Man Behind Breaking Glass

According to “mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.” Protecting mental health is todays challenge!

Mental health has become a recurring topic in the national media over the past few years and especially recently as the number of mass shooting incidents have increased. There is now heightened concern among many in our community and government. Just in case you missed the previous post on mental and physical wellness you can read it here

Here are a few take-charge tools and activities you may like:

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Happy Father’s Day: Being A Father Matters

Nuclear Family

being a father family

The first time I heard the phrase “nuclear family” it was from my son when he was very young and I was clueless as to its origin.  So, I set out to find out what it meant. A nuclear family is one which has both parents living in the same household. This concept leads me to Fathers Day…a day that some may enjoy and celebrate, but many others may not because they did not grow up in a nuclear family or because their father is not present in their lives. Being A Father Matters.

Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas you may like:

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Workplace Trends In A Changing World

We have witnessed the big shift towards remote work but there are some other important trends that are continuing to evolve. The world we live in is diverse, as are our families and our workplace will be more culturally diverse than ever before. Things that were once considered taboo in the workplace are now becoming more commonplace. So, lets  look at a few workplace trends in a changing world!


Woman on bench

Traditionally, office attire was considered to be brown, black, grays and other neutral colors. Today, more people are choosing to add bold colors to show their individualism and letting their color and style reflect their personality. You may read my previous post about how color affects our life here   

Businesses may nevertheless find it necessary to establish a dress code or some form of guidance in order to avoid extremes in employee attire. Also, you may find that in places like law offices, more traditional attire may be required but perhaps one day we’ll see judges wearing different colored robes!

Here are a few tried-and-true finds that may complement your dress ensemble:

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My Heart Breaks And My Tears Fall

America’s Children

Child looks up my heart breaks

I penned this post with difficulty because my heart is heavy. It is a heartbreaking time for the parents of Uvalde, as well as for America as we mourn the loss of yet more children due to violence. We weep for the young lives lost due to the psychopathic actions of an evil being. Evil rose and young lives were denied the opportunity to flourish to the fullest. My heart breaks.

America wept once more when evil rose.

My heart aches as I sob quietly for your children, our children, my child and our country. I cry alone and I cry with my friend as we both try to put our overwhelming grief into words. But words are not necessary, because we are mothers, we are parents, we are Americans and we feel the pain of Uvalde’s mothers and fathers. Again we cry.

America wept once more when evil rose.

Reading and activity suggestions to help you get through this difficult time: – The Rabbit listened (Children’s book)  – When someone Dies (Children’s Book) – Grief is Love: Living with Loss  – Practicing Mindfulness    – Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child – When love Remains: A guide thru Grief   – Navigating Grief:  A guided Journal

Get It Done

My heart breaks kid riding bike

Why we wonder, has this darkness again engulfed us and taken our children? There is much that needs to be done but who will do it?  The children who survived the Parkland shooting took to the streets and raised their voices, and thousands more around the world joined them but still nothing was done.

We listen to the whispers, the conversations, the inquiries but what do we do… nothing and another day goes by, another year passes. To those who lead, remove the Kitty Genovese syndrome attitude of indifference to our plight and do something!

America wept once more when evil rose.

My faith encourages me to believe that soon something will be done soon, that his will be done but when will it be done? My sadness seeps into my soul but I dry my tears, take up my pen and I remember the children… America wept once more when evil rose.

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Body Image : The Focus on Physical Appearance

Cosmetic Surgery: Women versus Men

Women more than men struggle with their body image. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) 92 % of the more than 15 million cosmetic surgeries performed in 2020 were performed on women…whoa! You are probably wondering why… body image, the focus on physical appearance.

Women are motivated to choose cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons, including body restoration after pregnancy, aging – to restore a youthful appearance, and to satisfy cultural projections of the “perfect” woman. Others may require medical treatment to correct birth defects or after trauma such as cancer to help them feel more complete. Regardless of the reason for your aesthetic surgery, male or female, you should never be made to feel unworthy because of how you look.

Perfection expresses itself in many different ways. Start your day with a perfect cup of the Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae music. Every sip is perfect!

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Body Positivity: Promoting Self Love!

Body Image

Body Positivity: Promoting Self Love!

Have you ever heard the phrase “body image” ? Do you know what it means? Simply, it is our mind’s view of our ourselves; how we perceive ourselves, our relationship with our bodies and how we view our physical appearance. Body Positivity: Promoting Self Love!

Loving the perfect and the imperfect you indicate that you have a great relationship with your body. How we view ourselves can affect our relationships and can even determine our level of success in life.

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Mother’s Day Gift – The Life Of My Son

My Special Gift

mother's day mom and son

I feel very special on “my day,” Mothers Day. The feeling of gratification and a greater sense of purpose came about some years ago upon the arrival of a very special person in my life, my son.  Yes, a priceless gift and one that has filled me with so much joy that today the celebration is more about him! My Mother’s Day Gift – The Life Of My Son!

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Mother’s Day – Thank You For Love!

Who Are Mothers?

woman with small child mother's day

The dictionary describes a mother as a female who gives birth to a child or a female who rears a child with love and affection.  I would go further by adding that a mother is also a female protector and a friend. I’m sure many people will agree that the descriptions are befitting for any female who unconditionally loves and cares for a child. Mothers are dependable and the majority will continue to support their children in some way even when they reach adulthood. Mother’s Day – Thank You For Love!

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Remote Work: Embrace A New Culture of Work!

The global remote work landscape has seen a dramatic change over the past two years. Today, global remote work options are limitless. International remote jobs allow workers the opportunity to live in one country and work in another without having to relocate. Embrace remote work: a new culture of work!

When working remotely and globally, it is important to understand the cultural differences and etiquette as these are critical elements required to conduct international and global business. Many successful ventures are borne out of the appreciation and respect for cultural diversity and norms.

Location and Salary

lady surrounded by money bags embrace remote work
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Happy Earth Day: Take Care Of What You Love Now!

earth day take care person picking stuff up

Plastic causes damage to our marine life and landfills. Plastic pollution is real and the world’s ability to deal with the fast-growing volume of disposable plastic products is being overwhelmed. Our waterways are fast becoming dumping grounds for plastic garbage. Additionally, there are fears that the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) used in the manufacture of plastic may be connected to health problems such as infertility and neurodevelopmental problems in children. This is a major source of concern because we all want our children to be healthy and have fully functioning brains. Happy Earth Day: Take Care of What You Love Now!

You can tell that a product contains BPA if it is marked with this symbol

Symbol for plastics that may contain BPA earth day take care
BPA Symbol

In case you missed it

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Earth Energy Is Our Life Energy!

water fall earth energy is our life

“Landscapes of great wonder and beauty lie under our feet and all around us. They are discovered in tunnels in the ground, the heart of flowers, the hollows of trees, fresh-water ponds, seaweed jungles between tides, and even drops of water. Life in these hidden worlds is more startling in reality than anything we can imagine. How could this earth of ours, which is only a speck in the heavens, have so much variety of life, so many curious and exciting creatures?”- Walt Disney. Yes, the Earth is an amazing planet that gives us so much for which to be grateful! Earth Energy is our Life Energy!

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every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. we're strongest when we cheer each other on women inspiring women

Women inspiring women …Incredible Women! The month-long celebration of Women’s Month is coming to an end and I would like to share some final thoughts that will hopefully provide some encouragement to those among us who may be needing just a little more fuel to get them up and going.

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Women Caring and Sharing On the Frontline  

The Theme

holding hands women sharing their frontline

The theme of Women’s History Month is ” Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” Many people immediately think of their mother when they hear the theme, which is a natural and heartwarming thought because mothers are innately nurturers. However, there are many others who assume similar roles in our lives but are quite often overlooked. The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that female frontline workers are the glue that holds our communities together.

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women celebrating WOMENS DAY


Biases are basic instincts that everyone has; it is the ability to like one thing more than another. People have biases for many different reasons; bias is inherently rooted in our lives.  Gender bias occurs when one gender is given preference for specific roles.

There are activities that highlight gender inequality and woman rights but unfortunately, the bias against women continues globally. International Women’s Day is a celebration to recognize the strength, spirit and leadership of women and girls.

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Perspective and Reflection On Black History

black family -new generation perspective reflection black history

Celebrate History

“Black History is American History”

Barack Obama

The importance of celebrating black history is to recognize the struggles of the people who got us to where we are now and the celebration continues in recognition of the achievement of black innovation, greatness and excellence. I am black history!

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Inspirational Words to Maintain a Positive Life

Engage Your Fear

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly.”

Robert Kennedy

people walking to class inspirational words maintain

The future is unknown but having the right attitude will help you maintain a positive outlook and allow you to face your challenges without fear. So, when life knocks you down, don’t stay down, get up and start again! Get your motor going, continue your journey and make your connection! Maintain a Positive Life!

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Matters of the Heart

We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim the oceans – because we can. We have some impulse within us that makes us want to explain ourselves to other human beings. That’s why we paint, that’s why we dare to love someone – because we have the impulse to explain who we are.” 

Maya Angelou

Many people consider love a “matter of the heart” but in actuality it is a “matter of the brain.” The brain releases  hormones that allow the body  to act in a certain way when you meet someone new or someone to whom you are attracted.  Yes, the sweaty palms, fluttering of the heart and stammer are directly related to ones brain function.  It is believed that the fluttering and racing of the heart are what most people associate with being in love or romantic love.

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mlk opportunity for change shaking hands

We celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day (MLK)! It has been many years since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King (Jr.) but his message of freedom and change still resonates with many around the world today.

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way”

Martin Luther King Jr.
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Moving and Movers….How to Minimize Your Stress

It’s a new year, new day and you are moving to a new residence. In a lifetime many people will change residences at least once. People will move locales to start new jobs or to be near family.


This is a paid post sponsored by Infinite Moving Company.

Moving can be stressful if the move is not planned and executed well. To minimize your stress maintain a positive mindset, keep in mind the reason why you are moving and, the new experiences and adventures you will enjoy in the new area. Focus on your new beginning!

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IQ and EQ equals success emotional intelligence connection success

Emotional intelligence or emotional awareness requires the following 5 key elements:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self- regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Good values

Effective interpersonal communication requires a high level of emotional intelligence to successfully manage your work and personal relationships. Therefore, it is important to know your emotions to build good relations!

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lifting weight value power life success


Your life’s successes lies in your personal power, so use your power wisely. While packing away some used clothing I came across one of my sons old t-shirt with the words “I have the Power. Power what’s next?” and it brought back memories of my son wearing the t-shirt while working tirelessly on the multi-tiered contest challenge Master the Mainframe. The contest was his way of gaining experience and promoting his ability to hiring professionals. Watching my son quietly work thru the challenges of the contest was a great lesson in patience and perseverance. He used his limited power to begin the challenge, harnessed more power after successfully completing each step of the challenge and acquired full power at the end of the contest. As a result, he could soundly state “Power What’s Next?”  The lessons we learn from our children!

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control chaos hope success highway interchange


My bus ride to work takes me on a highway interchange with an extremely high over-pass. Looking down from the over-pass, there is the feeling of fear coupled with an appreciation for the scene below. It’s a maze of colorful vehicles of different shapes and sizes.  I am awed by the inter-looping that allows motorists to travel to their different destinations. Yes, from high above it looks chaotic but it is controlled chaos. The roads intricate design allows drivers to navigate the roadway safely; enter and exit without harm. Our hope for safely navigating these highways lies in the genius of mankind; the hope that supports our desire to get from point A to point B safe and sound.

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Your Warrior Pose: Your Security Key to Success !


Some years ago, my job location changed and I was advised that when entering or leaving the area I needed to adopt a warrior pose. Yes, I needed to don a fight stance as this would help to deter attackers. I soon came to realize that a warrior pose is much more than physical security; it’s a way of life! Your warrior pose is important in many aspects of your life, so it’s essential that you adopt the right stance inorder to tackle your work-life challenges.

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Color-Code Your Life: It’s Your Hue to Success!

paint palette with pink paintbrush color code your life

Emotions and Color

The academic research of Sutton and Altarriba on Color associations to emotion and emotion-laden words… , state that “individuals often associate colors with various emotional terms. For example, when participants are asked to associate an emotional response with a color, they often associate bright colors (e.g., white, pink) with positive emotions (e.g., happy, relaxed) and dark-colors (e.g., black, brown) with negative emotions (anxious, sad) (Hemphill1996). Meier, Robinson, and Clore (2004) found that we tend to infer the valence of a stimulus (good or bad) on the basis of brightness.” Positive emotions are the key to success so color-code your life with bright colors!

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Empower Your Return to Work (Part 2)

empower your return to work part 2 workspace succulent

“Return to Normal”

Do you recognize me? I certainly don’t recognize many of the people with whom I work!  I can’t tell who they are by only seeing their eyes or the tops of their heads! Do you know I am smiling? My mask hides my smile but I hope it’s reflected in my eyes! We are strangers behind masks!

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Empower Your Return to Work

empower your work return laptop and desk and cactus

Goodbye Pandemic

We are healing; we are on the road to recovery! Many months ago the road to recovery may have appeared long and dark, but in every gloomy place the sun does shine! Going back to work in an office, away from the confines of your home environment, will require a high level of emotional correctness. You should project kindness and empathy towards others. There is success in kindness!

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Our Earth: My Wellness Perspective

earth wellness perspective

In April the world celebrated Earth Day, how did you celebrate the Day? Maybe you planted some flowers, a tree or tended to the environment in some other meaningful way. The actions of many are encouraging however; we can do so much more to protect our planet.  Our mental and physical wellbeing is increased when we have a healthy environment. Protect our other mother…Earth!

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A Successful Job Search Requires Mental and Physical Wellness! – Part 2

practice thinking job search mental physical

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

Mahatma GHANDI

Many of us may be feeling imprisoned by the pandemic and are experiencing some level of anxiety due to job losses and the recent storming of the capitol. Therefore, now more than ever, we need to maintain our wellness activities! So, I thought I would share a bit more on maintaining Mental and Physical Wellness. Your Mental and Physical Wellness are the keys to your success! Lets practice together!

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Visibility Increases Chances Of A Successful Job Search!

visibility increases chances of a successful job search

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”


Let this year be your dance…Lets WORKTALK!

Job searches are dependent on visibility! The more visible you are, the higher your chances are of having your profile viewed by recruiters and employers. Therefore, maintain the connection to your job search by remaining visible! How does one remain visible you might ask?

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Embrace New Opportunities for Positive Job Growth!


Change occurs in the work environment and in our personal lives. It may be good or bad depending on how it’s viewed. With attitude adjustment change is manageable… embrace it!

Job changes are at times unexpected… some people may experience vertigo or feel that they have lost control. Expected job changes are decisive and deliberate changes! With the latter, you are in control and there is predictable success!

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The College Student – Start Early and Realize Awesome Success

This article was contributed by a recent graduate. It details his perspective on the early resume building I mentioned in my first blog and his actual job search.  


In the first blog, my mom’s advice to parents was to start preparing their children’s resume as early as possible. Let’s dive in a little deeper on that topic!  Yes… “T” is my mom!

The initial concept was driven by my mom, who not only built my resume initially, but also encouraged me to continue to add my achievements as they happened. What was the result of this deliberate early action? I learned what a good resume should include and how to build on it; and I was able to see progress as I got older which served as great motivation to be a better student and public servant.

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Connect With Us – Empower Your Job Hunt

unemployed executive seeks new job

How many times have you heard the phrase “Looking for a job is a job itself?” Well I can attest to that! It’s a full time effort to job hunt, its time consuming and it’s hard! No one will tell you how hard it is; they will give you a list of websites and tell you to let them know how you fare out. Yes, that’s right you are now on your own!

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