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Body Image : The Focus on Physical Appearance

Cosmetic Surgery: Women versus Men

Women more than men struggle with their body image. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) 92 % of the more than 15 million cosmetic surgeries performed in 2020 were performed on women…whoa! You are probably wondering why… body image, the focus on physical appearance.

Women are motivated to choose cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons, including body restoration after pregnancy, aging – to restore a youthful appearance, and to satisfy cultural projections of the “perfect” woman. Others may require medical treatment to correct birth defects or after trauma such as cancer to help them feel more complete. Regardless of the reason for your aesthetic surgery, male or female, you should never be made to feel unworthy because of how you look.

Perfection expresses itself in many different ways. Start your day with a perfect cup of the Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae music. Every sip is perfect!


sipping from a mug while changing the tv channel. body image

The images perpetuated on tv, social media and in magazines are those of women who are tall, thin and big breasted and men who are tall, thin and muscular. As a result of this media promotion, plastic surgery rates will continue to rise as people strive for the “ideal look.” To reduce your risk of developing negative body image issues, engage with social media accounts, influencers and people who are motivators and not people who are focused only on physical appearance.

The Perfectly Perfect You

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Some of us may have been born with special needs or experience challenges during our life that makes it harder to accept our body image. In these instances it is may be much harder to have a positive body image and you may require help from trusted friends, family members or professionals. But keep in mind that you are not imperfect, not flawed, you are different, and we are all differentWe all have needs, unique needs, some more than others! You are uniquely wonderful so just do it your way!

Emotions and Body Image

It’s interesting how our emotions influence how we feel about our bodies as we tend to find everything wrong with ourselves when we are feeling sad or disappointed. Here are some activities that may help you:

  • Create the environment that makes you feel good about yourself by limiting or removing yourself from relationships that do not empower you
  • Appreciate how your body functions and what it does for you. Place your hand on your chest; feel the steady beating of your heart and the movement of your chest as you breathe in and out. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Repeat. I am Beautiful, Bold and Grateful!

True happiness comes from understanding and recognizing that you are worthy. Being empowered and positive is beautiful! In case you missed this

Remember Me

body image branch saying miss you

How do you want people to remember you after you leave this world? Do you want them to remember your hair, your height, the fact that you wore glasses or do you want them to remember you for your empathy and your compassion? Hey, I choose the latter! Don’t let others tell you how you should be. Be content with yourself and with your perfect imperfections.

T’s Tip: Remember… perfection is a myth!

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  1. Marvis Mathis

    Being content and accepting who we are is important. We can also embrace the things we cannot change. Simply love yourself!

  2. Giovanni

    In essence of self image, one should never let society dictates on how you look.

  3. Renee La

    Always be you! And true to your self …,❤️

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